To Do This Weekend: Get Crafty

Remember Paint by Numbers from your childhood?  It was a great way for the average Joe or Josephine channel their inner Monet, and not feel like a complete failure while doing so.  I remember spending hours on one of these, and feeling pretty darn proud of myself when I was finished.  However, the canvases that were available were always extremely odd and irrelevant.



Fast-forward to today, and thankfully, the paint by numbers world has fully evolved.  No longer do we need to paint creepy boys with mullets gazing at their own reflection in a bird bath.  Thanks to technology, we can now create our own paint by number canvas by downloading most any picture.

Easy 123 Art offers different filters (vintage, cool, artsy) on your photos to create a canvas.  In addition to using your own photos, they also offer stocked canvases like these.

PROD_IMG_Chicago_SIDE-500x500 EA-CM-Starry-Night1-500x500


Check out these works created using customers photos via Paint a Pic:




Anyone can do it!  These canvases are fun to create, and are an interesting alternative to a standard photograph.  I’ve ordered one; I’ll be sure to check in with my progress!


images via pinterest, easy123art, paintapic





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