Do You Pareo?

It’s summer!  It’s swimsuit season!  However this news makes you feel, it is a cold, hard fact.  Some of us might not feel like baring ALL while cavorting at the beach or pool; this is when the pareo bravely comes to our rescue.


The pareo comes from Tahitian roots.  Men and women alike have been wearing these gauzy, breezy coverings for centuries to combat the hot, humid Tahiti climes.



Also known by its aliases “Sarong,” “Cover-Up,” and “Wrap,” Pareo has also been known to double as a beach blanket or even a towel in a pinch.  Most traditionally, however, it is worn as a long skirt, loosely knotted at the waist.


It can be worn high over the chest, or slung low at the hips.



Some more advanced tying skills can produce almost dress-like results.



Here is a quick visual tutorial on various ways to style your pareo.  The beauty of the pareo is that is are no right or wrong way to wear it – just tie it on go with it.


images via pinterest, polyvore, lyst, toryburch



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