Styling Peonies

Late spring brings one of life’s greatest joys: the peony.


Is there a flower more fragrant, more feminine, more majestic?  Their fluffy, friendly flower heads are so beautiful, and so simple to style.  The petals are so delicate…and their scent is downright heavenly.


Peonies are simple to grow, and easy to maintain.  They have a lovely foliage which remains for months after bloom time.  As the bushes mature over the years, they do have a tendency to droop due to the weight of their blooms, and can be corralled to stay upright using a round stake.



Whether you grow them yourself or purchase them, they make amazing cut arrangements to brighten your home.  They look best styled alone, clumped in a vase.  Alone meaning without other flower varieties, which would distract from their elegance.


Try displaying your peonies is individually.  Group one peony in a series of small vases in their various stages of bloom.


If you are more adept in creating floral arrangements, here’s an impactful way to display your peonies.  Cut your peony stems about 3 inches from the head.  Using a foam floral ball (available at nurseries or craft stores), gently insert the stems throughout the ball, making sure the foam is not visible.  Wow!


Like many things so beautiful, the peony is fleeting.  Perhaps this allows us to appreciate them more while they are with us.

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