Jellies 2.0

1985 is calling; it wants its shoes back.  Jellies were a mainstay during that decade, crafted of PVC plastic that made your sweaty feet slip slide around.  Some pairs glittered, others blinded with their bright hues.  Some were actually fruit-scented. All were horribly uncomfortable, and ALL were ugly.


For reasons unknown, Jellies have resurfaced in the last decade or so.  Last year, Tory Burch’s ubiquitous Reva Flat was given a Jelly update, as was the Bow Ballet Flat.


This season, Tory went all jelly on the bit again, this time updating her various Thong sandals.



Some turn to Jellies as an alternative to leather.  These vegan flats by Melissa are the most aesthetically pleasing Jelly I know of.


Some might think that some trends are best left in the past.  To me, the Jelly Redux is akin to a bad cover remake of a bad song.  Something that was once bad, is still bad.  Let’s bid adieu to this trend once and for all!


images via pinterest, polyvore, shopmelissa