Luxe Candles

I never knew how much my friends liked me until they recently started gifting me with candles.  I’m talking about REAL candles.  Not the cheapos from Michael’s that we are all guilty of impulse-buying from time to time.

Nope…THIS is the kind of candle I’m talking about.  Exhibit A: Capri Blue.  (thanks, Nicole!!!)  I lit this beauty for the first time about 20 minutes before having a group of friends over, and each person who came to the door immediately commented on the amazing scent.


Like many women, I love to burn a candle.  On any given evening, I have one going in my kitchen.  The soothing aroma, the gentle glow…it really does lower the blood pressure.   But, I never understood what separated the cheapo candles from the other, more luxe ones, beyond the price tag…until I experienced a “grown-up” candle firsthand.   Exhibit B: Diptyque.   Now, this one I gifted to myself, after much consideration…after all, spending $62 on a candle is flat-out ridiculous.   But man…am I glad that I splurged.  I chose the “Baies” (berries) scent, and I keep it in the bathroom.  Even when not lit, it envelopes the tiny room in its magnificent scent.



Lesson learned: you get what you get what you pay for when it comes to candles.  Spring for soy-based, natural candles.  I’ll leave you with Exhibit C:  Archipelago.   They are offering 20% off of your purchase through Friday with code FF2016.  Pick one up and treat yourself!


images via archipelago, diptyque, capribluecandles 





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