To Do This Weekend: Have a Skewer Party

Shish-k-bobs, skewers, meat-on-a-stick…whatever you want to call it, this is a simple, fun way to use the grill and get outdoors to enjoy this warm weather.

This weekend, have some friends over and have some interactive fun at the grill.  Akin to fondue parties in the 1970’s, the idea is the same: each guest has his or her own stick which they can adorn with meat and/or veggies, and cook to their liking.



Encourage your guests to think outside the box with their skewers.  They don’t have to go all Freddy Flintstone on the bit with traditional beef kabobs; veggies, fruit, and shellfish are great options as well, and all will grill up beautifully.




And for dessert?  Fruit skewers, natch!  How adorable is this “grill,” from sheknows?


images via sheknows, pinterest, foodnetwork



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