DIY Spring Floral Arrangements

Having fresh flowers adorning your home can feels so extravagant. Some colorful stems can add simple elegance to any room.  And many spring flowers have such a heavenly scent…peonies, lilacs, hyacinth, to name a few.   But fresh flowers can also become a costly habit.  If you are blessed enough to have a garden in your yard, you can “live off the land” a bit, so to speak.  But to really maintain your habit without breaking the bank, your local grocery store can offer some inexpensive choices, when used with a little creative brain power.

Sometimes the shape of the vase can make all of the difference.  For example, a short, fishbowl-like vase works best for full-headed flowers such as peonies.  You only need 3-4 flowers to make a huge statement when “vased” properly.



Here’s a gorgeous high-low arrangement that you can emulate at home.  Purchase a couple of boughs of a flowering willow, or a pussy willow, and place in a tall vase.  Bunch a shorter bouquet of flowers at the base.  You can stick some fern or other greenery in between the two layers to add interest.  (Psst…this arrangement is actually faux.  But it can easily be created au naturel!)



If you are a more advanced floral arranger, or if you are just feeling extra ambitious, here is an absolutely gorgeous arrangement to try.  The key here is to pack everything in TIGHTLY.   Seasonal asparagus can be arranged inside the vase, and all can be wrapped up with a pretty little ribbon.



Check out what your supermarket has this season and get creative.

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