H & M Wants Your Old Clothes

In honor of World Recycling Week (April 18-24), retail giant H&M is looking to collect 1000 TONS of unwanted clothing from closets around the world.

Sure, we all donate our castaway clothing.  But H&M wants ALL of it – including your mismatched socks, stained sweatshirts, old ratty sheets, ugly faded pink towels.  It’s all welcome.



Most of these textiles will not be donated, but rather repurposed through H&M’s Garment Collection Program.  By doing this, millions of tons of discarded clothing will stay out of landfills.  And water resources will not be squandered, as natural materials such as cotton require so much water to grow.   Items that don’t meet the criteria for new garment recycling will be used in making insulation for the auto industry.

Here’s how H&M will concentrate efforts by their Closed Loop initiative, which is spelled out like this:


While next week is officially World Recycling Week, H&M will accept your discards every day of the year.

images via h&m

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