The Longevity of the Lob

The Lob (Long Bob) is still hanging on as one of the hottest hairstyles.  It’s easy to see why: it works for any hair texture and color, and complements most face shapes.  It is ageless: women aged eighteen to eighty can rock this simple, classic look.  Diane_Keaton


Long layers with a bit of casual wave can dress down this long-layered trend, lending a boho-chic vibe.




It can be dressed up with a touch of curl at the ends, resulting a cleaner, more polished look.




The blunt-cut lob has been widely hailed as “the haircut that anyone can wear.”  It’s THAT universally flattering.   A few swipes with the flat iron and you’re good to go.



Regardless of how it is styled, the lob is a simply, low-maintenance style…leaving us with more time for the important stuff.


images via marieclare, pinterest, bazaar



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