In case you didn’t get the memo:  espadrilles are what you should be wearing on your feet this spring/summer.


As you can see, they come in many different shapes, colors, styles, and heel heights.  And they are the “it” shoe right now.

The Espadrille came to be in the 14th century in Pyrenees mountain range area of Spain/France.  They were originally handmade shoes worn by peasants, the jute rope sole being the defining factor in an espadrille. They have remained in and out of fashion since, well, about the 14th century.




Clearly, the 2016 espadrilles are NOT for the common peasant.  Need proof?


Chloe Isa Espadrille, $625


Tory Burch Canvas Espadrille, $150


Joie Phyllis Espadrille, $295

images via nordstrom


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