Product Spotlight: Bobbi Brown Eyewear

Bobbi Brown is known first and foremost for her amazing cosmetic line.  Her makeup is always reliable, never too trendy, and at a price point which corresponds with the quality of her products.  Down to the packaging, everything about Bobbi Brown cosmetics is understated and classy.


Bobbi has all things makeup down to a science.  But eyewear?  Bobbi is the very first cosmetic retailer to cross over into eyewear with her Bobbi Brown Eyewear line.  Her mission is to “teach women how to select frames that enhance their natural beauty and complement their skin tones and personal style.  The collection includes eyeglasses, readers, and sunglasses.   Her website also includes a style guide so customers can determine which frame best suits them, based on face shape and coloring.


I came across Bobbi Brown’s sunglasses on a recent Nordstrom visit.  I loved them – they are heavy, hearty, sturdy sunglasses, and I really liked almost every frame style.  They were fun to try on.  What attracted me most to these glasses is that there is no branding whatsoever  on the outside of the frames!  I have long been looking for a luxury frame without wanting to be a walking advertisement for the brand.



In keeping with who she is, Bobbi has created a quality, beautiful line of eyewear that isn’t flashy, or trendy, but rather humbly on point.

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