Between the Sheets

Believe it or not, even your bed linens are susceptible to falling victim to cycling trends.


For example, thread counts (threads per square inch) don’t seem to be as much of a big deal anymore.  For the past decade or more, we were led to believe that low thread count equate low quality sheets.  Consumers now know that it is possible to have a high count sheet that is also rough and uncomfortable, or a lower thread count sheet that is silky smooth.  It’s the fiber type which make up the linens that differentiates one sheet from the next, not necessarily the thread count.

The good news is, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for true luxury sheets today, as some natural fibers have been introduced into linen blends in recent years.

Eco-friendly bamboo bedding is hot.  Actually, it’s just the opposite: the natural rayon made from bamboo fibers wicks away moisture, to ensure a cool night’s sleep.  It is anti-microbial, making it impossible for any bacteria to infiltrate. The texture is like a jersey-knit, so you can feel like you are sleeping on your softest, most favorite t-shirt.  However, unlike your old t-shirt, bamboo sheets are on the higher end of the dollar spectrum…but still far less than the uber-luxury brands Frette or Porthault.


Beech sheets are made out of 100% modal, a super-soft luxury fabric.  They are sourced from the beech tree (duh!) using no pesticides or toxic chemicals.  They are a less costly alternative to bamboo, while still being eco-friendly and extra-comfy.


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