Matcha Tea

It’s St. Patty’s Day!  But before you reach for that green beer, let’s talk about another popular green beverage.  Matcha tea is becoming a healthier alternative to coffee, and even healthier than other varieties of tea.  Without question, it is healthier than green beer!

Made with antioxidant rich powdered green tea leaves, it is a known metabolism booster and packs as much cancer-fighting, weight-losing goodness in one serving as ten cups of traditional green tea.  It also is high in fiber, can help stabilize blood sugar, and helps fight against cardiovascular disease.  In a nutshell, Matcha packs a HUGE nutritional punch.



Unlike other teas which are commercially sold in leaf form, Matcha is a finely ground powder.  This eradicates the need to “steep” the tea, adding water and mixing well.  If it is whisked with hot milk or water, it will take on a latte-like consistency.


What does Matcha taste like? The answer to this question varies.  Adjectives commonly used to describe the flavor include grassy, vegetal, astringent, and “like seaweed.”  If this doesn’t sound appetizing to you, try aged Matcha, as the aging process can mellow some of these aforementioned tastes.  Buy quality.


Matcha is popping up in the most unexpected places.  It can easily be added to baked goods, its bitter taste offsetting sweetness to add an interesting flavor profile (and making it easier to say “yes” to that doughnut).



Give Matcha a chance!  Let us know what you think.


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