Spring Closet Organization Inspiration

Has spring sprung in your land? If so, you surely are enjoying the warm breezes and sunshine on your shoulders. When you are not out frolicking in the puddles, consider taking some time out to organize your footwear.  Get your winter boots stored – safely and beautifully – to make room for your sandals, flip-flops, summer pumps, and more.


Sandal Stax



Using one of these systems, you can keep your boots off of the floor of your closet during their “off-season,” while being visible should you want to wear them.  Hanging boots allows them to maintain their shape and extend their life.  Your boots are an investment, after all!


Boot Stax


The Double Decker Boot Caddy


The Boot Rack

Enclosing them in a Boot Bag will further ensure your lovelies don’t collect dust.


The Boot Bag

These systems will protect your investments, as well as maximize space in your closet…allowing you to invest more in the footwear marketplace.   Happy organizing!


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