Hairbrush Primer

Have you ever wondered what hairbrush is for you?  And why are there so many shapes and sizes?  And price points??  Here’s a quick lesson on hairbrushes, and which one(s) are right for you.

A boar bristle brush should have a place in everyone girl’s drawer.  This dynamo brush does it all: eliminates frizz, styles, and styles beautifully.  Round boar bristle brushes hold heat well, therefore can replace your curling iron.   The bristles even distribute your natural hair oils throughout your hair.  Mason Pearson is considered the gold standard of boar brushes, with a golden price tag.




Flat paddle brushes are good for detangling fine hair when wet, and fluffing ends when dry.  The flat, smooth paddle will give you a free head massage each time you use it.  This one from Aveda is a cult classic.




Vent brushes prevent breakage and static.  Great for blow drying fine hair, creating a smooth look.  Long bristled vent brushes work particularly well on long hair.  Spornette Ion Fusion promises huge volume. spornette_ionfusionventbrush_900x900


Styling brushes distribute heat quickly, allowing hair to dry fast.  Great for styling and drying thick, coarse hair.  Try the Denman rubber pad styling brushes – they are a great everyday brush that won’t break the bank.




Detangling brushes do just that.  They are ideal for wet, snarled hair; and for gently working around hair extensions.  They are also ideal for brushing out children’s tangled locks.  The Wet Brush works wonders.


  images via pinterest, mason pearson, target, aveda, denman

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