Pillow Talk

With the approaching change of season nearly upon us, it can be therapeutic to rejuvenate our homes, tucking away the cozy throw blankets and putting the fireplace tools away for a bit.




The sun will be shining more brightly, and the days will be longer.  The furnace can soon take a rest, and the windows can soon be opened to take in fresh, spring breezes.




A quick, non-committal way to refresh your home from season to season is through changing out your pillow covers.  Adding a seasonal pop of color through bright, fun pillows can rejuvenate the whole aesthetic of your whole home.




Etsy is an AMAZING resource for beautiful pillows.  Trending now in the “pillow universe” is painted pillows.  Artists create a one-of-a kind design by hand, using acrylic paint on muslin fabric.  An Etsy shop to be admired is PAINTEDPILLOWS.  Artist and shop owner Christine Scott has an amazing selection of beautiful pillows, and accepts custom orders as well.  Take a peek at a couple of her creations:




Mix it up the spring, and express the individuality of your home.



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