C. Wonder is BACK!

Do you wonder what happened to the fabulous retailer C. Wonder?  Wonder no more: this colorful preppy dynamo brand is making a comeback, and in the unlikeliest of places…QVC!imgres


Some back history on the brand.  Founded in 2010 by Chris Burch, C. Wonder sold women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as home decor.  Monogramming was available on many of the products.  The apparel had a strong Tory Burch aesthetic, without the hefty price point.  What made the two retailers’ similarities more than coincidental was the fact that Christopher and Tory were once married, and together founded Tory Burch.  The two were in the throes of ugly divorce proceedings when Christopher launched C. Wonder.  As one can imagine, Tory was less than pleased with this new brand, considering it to be a slap in the face as well as an overly obvious Tory knock-off.  Lawsuits ensued, a couple of years passed, and C. Wonder filed for bankruptcy and closed their 30+ brick and mortar stores in early 2015.



Fast forward one year.  C. Wonder has been busily trying to reinvent itself, correcting any errors they may have made the first time around.  Former Rachel Zoe super-stylist Brad Goreski was hired to lead the brand as its creative director.   They have launched a smattering of apparel items this week on QVC, with a bigger set of items set to hit the online retailer on Monday.  Glancing at the items they have shown the public thus far, it seems that they are less colorful and preppy, more classic and feminine than the first time around.  Still present and available today on QVC are the monogrammed enameled cuff bracelets, and the spunky, fun loafers that C. Wonder has always been known for.



There are no plans as of yet for the brick and mortar C. Wonder stores to open.  So head on over to QVC and get your fix of C. Wonder fun!

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