The Lost Art of the Written Word

There is nothing like receiving a good old-fashioned letter in the mail.  Opening a thank you note, or even a greeting card penned from a far-flung friend can brighten the darkest day.  Some of you on the younger end of our readership spectrum perhaps have never even experienced this simple pleasure.

High quality, bespoke stationery is a must for every adult.  The heavier the cardstock, the better.  One should never cut costs on personalized stationery; it is such a simple way of making a good impression.

Crain’s has long been the grandfather of social correspondence.  Their classic ecru cards should have a place in everyone’s desk drawer.  Simple and elegant, they will reflect your classiest self.




Not all stationery has to be so solemn.  It’s okay to have some fun, but remember: never go cheap.

Speaking of not cheap, Mrs. John L Strong  has been serving the New York City social elite for over 85 years.  They built their business on wedding correspondence, and now have expanded their portfolio to include other luxury correspondence items.  Their amazing raised motifs are made using their signature hand-crafted “house dies.”  You may also work with a Mrs. John L Strong designer to create your own bespoke motif, whether that be a family crest, business logo, or favorite image.  For a price, of course…one should be sure to write a rough draft on another piece of paper; this is no time to make a spelling error!Bespoke_51-620x620



For personalized correspondence at a more attainable price, consider Page Stationery.  This sharp, modern monogram will make a statement, with a bit of whimsy on the back of the card.



images via crains, mrs john l strong, page stationery


  1. I’ve loved stationery since I was a little girl. Relatives would buy me horse themed stationery sets for Christmas that I would use to write to my pen-pals. I still love beautiful stationery and enjoy handwriting thank you notes to people – it’s such a lovely surprise when someone has made the effort to handwrite a note or letter.

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