Product Spotlight: Balayage

Balayage is not a new hair color technique, but it is certainly gaining momentum as an excellent alternative to traditional foils.   The process involves freehand “painting” of highlights and lowlights onto the hair, without the use of foils or other coloring aids.   Done right, Balayage creates a very customized, artistic look.




The idea behind the Balayage process is to create a natural, sun-kissed look, similar to that we had as children.  The abstract painted look also creates the illusion of movement and depth.  It’s ammonia-based ingredients do not use harsh chemicals which can dry out and strip the hair.




Balayage was originally created for blondes in the 1970’s, but today it is frequently tailored for brunettes and even red hair.  It’s a great method for combatting grays, and there is no solid “growth line” as can happen with other techniques.


What’s the downside?  I’m hard-pressed to find one.  The cost is slightly higher-around 25% more-than a standard foil, but the result is certainly worth the extra investment.

images via pinterest & popsugar



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