To Do This Weekend: Troll The Pinterest 100

We all know and love Pinterest, natch.  For Pinterest junkies, the Pinterest 100 is a very exciting development, and something you could easily spend a couple of hours perusing.

To curate the Pinterest 100, the editors at Pinterest follow some of its more influential and popular pinners in several of the leading categories.  Coupled with input from Pinterest editors, the Pinterest 100 is a list of carefully curated trends to be aware of in the coming year.   Called “Pin Predictions,” they are just that: things that the “Pinterest Powers that Be” foresee that we will notice popping up on our Pinterest feeds, and therefore, on the streets and within popular culture, in the year to come.  These trends will morph into other trends, and so on.

Here are 10 pinteresting highlights from the 2016 Pinterest 100:

1. Gilded Metallic Wallpaper (in Home & Garden):



2. Androgynous natural makeup application (in Hair & Beauty):


3.  Coding classes for kids (in Kids & Parenting):



4.  Rocket Skates (in Technology):


5. Belt Bags (in Fashion):


6. Beertails (in Food & Drink):



7. Fire Escape Gardens (in Gardening):



8. Capsule Wardrobes – 40 total pieces or less (in Fashion):



9. Snacking & Bento Boxes (in Food & Drink):



10. Mermaid Hair Coloring (in Hair & Beauty):




Link here to see the complete Pinterest 100 board.   It will be fun to watch these trends ebb and flow, and reinvent themselves in the coming months.  And remember: just say no to mom jeans, no matter what the Pinterest 100 says.

images via pinterest (duh!!)

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