Nail Trends: All Shapes and Sizes

It seems that when it comes to your manicure, anything goes these days.  There’s all kinds of crazy stuff going on at your local nail salon. Here’s a primer on current trends, and how to request them next time you go in for a manicure.  Let’s first discuss shapes; get yourself familiar with the “nail lingo.”   Here’s what’s what:


 Coffin (or, the less morose Ballerina)images






Now, let’s talk nail design trends.  If you are looking to branch out beyond the solid color manicure, here are some current ways to do so.  These designs will cost you a bit more, but can be very fun for a special occasion.

The Silver French Manicure


The Negative Space Manicure


Colored Tip Manicure


Half-Moon Manicure


Now that you are empowered with all of the nail wisdom you need, have some fun with your manicures in the future.

images via pinterest



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