Product Spotlight: NARS Orgasm

In 1999, NARS Cosmetics brilliantly launched their Orgasm line.  As one might expect, the warm shades of blush, lipstick, illuminator, and even nail polish promise to reward women with a dewy, breathless, sexy “glow.”  Gimmicky, yes.  But forgettable?  Definitely not.





NARS Orgasm undoubtedly has a cult following.  It all started with this blush0607845040309



The illuminator quickly followed suit, combining with the blush to propel your afterglow to new heights. 0607845023425



Here’s the Multiple: a multi-purpose stick to use on eyes, cheeks, lips…anywhere.  It has a shimmery, golden glitter to it.  It’s truly genius – this little stick will lighten the load in your everyday handbag as it performs triple duty.  A menage a trois, one could call it…



The two lip gloss shades are the bomb.  Here’s the Super Orgasm lip gloss – it’s THE perfect pink.




The pinky-peachy Orgasm shades have truly developed a cult following, and for good reason: they work on anyone.  Any skin tone and any hair color can be sexified from Orgasm.


Often imitated, this NARS orgasm can’t be faked.  Try it!


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