Who, What, Wear at Target

Target has unveiled a very cool new apparel collection for women called Who, What Wear.  These pieces are inspired by street looks, the pieces have an urban grittiness to them, with a simultaneous feminine flair. These pieces toe the line between trendy and traditional, with each piece priced under $50.  They are great staples for your wardrobe, that you will likely wear for years to come.

This is a “rolling capsule” collection, meaning that each month, Target will roll out a new collection, the pieces of which will work well with the prior month’s pieces, and so on.  Think super chic Garanimals, mixing and matching.  This business model will allow the designers to receive feedback from consumers about which pieces are working, and which aren’t.  What a unique concept.  We would expect nothing less from Target!

Take a look at some of our favorites:





images via target


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