Celebrity Lips

Celebrities endorsing their signature line of perfume?  That’s so passe.  The latest “thing” is celebrity lipcolor lines.

Kylie Jenner has capitalized (as only a Kardashian can) on the Kylie Lip Kit.  She set to release her fifth version of the lip kit. “Kits” involve one matte liquid lipstick and one lipliner.  Perhaps calling it the Kylie Lip Duo would have been more appropriate?



Anyway, this darn thing has a cult following (as only all things Kardashian inexplicably seem to) and keeps on selling out upon release, time and time again, in mere seconds, on lipkitbykylie.com.  The race to attain one of these kits has become a game of sorts, complete with counterfeit Kylie Lip Kits, and people paying hundreds of dollars on eBay for a Kylie Lip Kit.  Seriously.




In other lip related news, Gwen Stefani has teamed up with Urban Decay to launch her own makeup line, with an emphasis on lip color.


Let’s be honest: Gwen has always been about the lips.  She’s never been afraid of a bold, in-your-face lip…it’s who she is!  She launched eight vibrant hues of lipstick and six coordinating lipliner pencils in January, trying to create the just-right, almost-perfect shades that she could never quite find elsewhere.  Gwen was completely involved in the entire process, taking extra time in designing the luxe black and gold packaging.  We are sorry to report that six of the eight shades of lipstick are sold out online, with a small amount still available in brick-and-mortar Sephora and department stores.

images via popsugar & urbandecay

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