How to Stage your Mantle

Decorating a fireplace mantle can be a daunting task. But when styled well, your mantle-scape can make your whole house sing, reflecting your personality.  A mirror centered over the fireplace is overdone and predictable; here are some different ideas for you to create a perfect mantle-scape.

This display is organic and calming.  An interesting found branch adds depth and dimension, while the off-centered framed print lends an element of surprise and whimsy. Fresh greenery is always welcome on a mantle.



This simple mantle can be curated on a dime.  Find a large piece to anchor the space, then mix in several inexpensive antique books turned backward.  Paired with found greenery and a votive candle, this presents a clean, fresh look.



Don’t have a fireplace, therefore no mantle?  A hearty shelf can emulate a mantle, and can be styled as such.


Here’s a fun springtime mantle that isn’t too pastel-y or Easter-y.  The green moss spheres suggest regrowth and new beginnings. Changing up the look seasonally can help you get into the mood of the season. f51426c75b39ec79b17af6d20aef51b9



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  1. I love decorating my mantle according to season. Garlands for Christmas. Candles for summer. Flowers for spring. I totally agree that mantels are an important part for making a statement in your home.

  2. I was not sure if the picture I chose for my mantle was too narrow. The first picture on this post gave me the confidence to work with it. I managed to fill the remaining space and I’m fairly satisfied. Thanks for the post!

    1. Mantles can be an ongoing experiment! There is really no right or wrong way to style if you are working with pieces that you love! 🙂

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