Pantone SkinTone Shades from Sephora

We’ve been showing you the 2016 Pantone colors on the blog to help you prepare your spring wardrobe.


But, did you know that your skin has it’s own Pantone color?  That’s right, the color researchers at Pantone have mapped out 110 skin tone hues to build a color library in partnership with cosmetic retailer Sephora.


How does it work?  When visiting Sephora, ask an associate to map your Skin IQ.  They will use a handheld camera to take images of your skin, which will determine what your “Color IQ Number” is.


This magic number will assist you in determining not only the proper foundation and concealer shades, but also which eye and lip colors would work best for you.  With this number, you can even shop Sephora online to find perfect makeup matches.  Genius!

What’s your color IQ?

images via sephora

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