Product Spotlight: Tieks Flats. What’s the Deal?

Clearly, we love all things shoes here at Boottique. Flats should have an essential place in every woman’s wardrobe. While flats have certainly taken a more pointed look the last few seasons, the classic ballet flat is forever in style, and everyone should own at least one pair. Enter Tieks…the only ballet flat you really need.  The price tag is high, to be sure (they run from $175-$345 per pair)…but here is some data to support these amazing shoes.


Superior craftsmanship. Each pair of Tieks takes 3 days to craft.  They are hand stitched out of 100% Italian leathers.


Comfort.  Tieks have a foam cushion insole which is comfortable for all day wear, and particularly great for traveling.  They also fold in half, making it easy to toss them into your handbag or suitcase.


Style. Every pair of Tieks has the funky signature teal rubber sole. Beyond the basic solid leather upper colors, Tieks introduces special edition prints on a limited production basis.  Below is the Arabian Nights Tiek, crafted of a uniquely iridescent, mirror-like leather. No two are alike!



Oprah has included Tieks twice on her infamous “O List,” claiming them to be the most comfortable flat ever.  Enough said, right?



There’s one more reason that investing in a pair of Tieks is a good idea.  To date, Tieks has contributed over $5 million to the Gavrieli Foundation, which empowers female entrepreneurs around the world.  These funds allow these bold and bright women to better themselves and the communities around them.  Read more about this foundation here.

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  1. Great post. I love the looks of Tieks flats but I’ve yet to try or by a pair. The Arabian Night Tieks have really caught my eye and I LOVE the trademark light blue sole.

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