Product Spotlight: Baby Foot Exfoliant

Are your feet dry and flaky during the cold winter months? Lizard-like even? Between pedicures, consider using Baby Foot.  Wow.


Touted as being a chemical peel for your feet, Baby Feet will literally molt the layers of dead skin off of your tootsies.  Exfoliate is not a strong enough verb for what this product will do.  It is a multi-step process, which includes application of the product, followed by a long soaking of your feet, then a rinsing of the product.  The dead skin cells will start to molt immediately, and will continue to do so for up to two weeks.

As we are unsure whether or not you’ve had your lunch yet, we will not provide photos of the process, but we do encourage you to google it. After lunch.

Regardless of the process, the end result is this: soles as soft as a baby’s….



Available at Amazon.


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