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Chukka Boots (a.k.a. desert boots,) were originally only made for men, and have recently grown in popularity for women.  They are so versatile, and can be styled in many different ways.

According to the Gentleman’s Gazette, there are various theories of how the Chukka Boot got its name:

The name ‘Chukka’ is said to be derived from the seven and a half minute Polo playing period called a Chukker or Chukka. The term is itself derived from the Hindi word ‘chukkar’ meaning ‘circle’ or ‘turn’. Because there are different variations of uppers, it is unclear what exactly the original version looked like and how it got its name. One school of thought argues that Chukka boots got their name due to the resemblance to boots worn by Polo players, i.e. Jodhpur boots.

Others believe Chukka boots were actually used to play Polo although there seems to be little evidence to support this theory. Chances are the name was derived from the similarities between the two boots. This is supported by the fact that Chukka boots were sometimes worn by off-duty Polo players who would slip into them after a game as they were more comfortable than riding boots.

Another interesting theory is the Indian use of the word ‘chukkar’, which is also used in the context of taking a leisurely stroll or ‘turn.’

Therefore, it could be entirely possible that the name was derived from the fact that the Polo players preferred to stroll around in these boots after a game rather than in their Polo boots.

Thus, the Chukka boot could be considered a descendant or relative of the polo boot! Whichever theory you may favor, Chukka boots have certain characteristics of their own.


These shoes have certainly diversified their style over the years. DSW has a great selection for men and women to choose the Chukka of their dream.

Our boot love will never stop, especially for styles like this one.

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