Best in Show at the Globes

So…who wore it best?  Who wore it worst?  Here are some of our office favorites from Sunday’s Golden Globes.

First of all, it must be said that it is truly amazing how far television has come in the last few years in terms of great programming and content. TV stars are no longer seen as second class citizens in Hollywood…and for good reason.  Thanks to outlets like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, there is so much great talent in television today.

Now…let’s talk fashion!  Let’s start with the boys.

Best in Show:  Eddie Redmayne.  How darling is he?  It’s can be difficult for men to express themselves while wearing a tux, as there is little room for creativity with a traditional tuxedo.  Eddie pulled off a navy Jacquard patterned tux…with a black tie.  So sharp.   And to learn he and his new wife are newly pregnant…again, so darling.


Worst in Show:  Ricky Gervais.  His tie-less tux lent a further sense of sloppy irreverence to his already sloppy and irreverent schtick.  His casual look is off-putting, but I suppose that’s who Ricky is…off putting, four years running!  Get a tie, if you are invited back again!



Now for the ladies of the red carpet.

Best in Show: Jennifer Lopez.  The Steven Khalil designed getup was showed minimal skin.  And speaking of skin, this chartreuse hue does not work for all skin tones…but it sure works with Jennifer’s.  The look was classy and she radiated confidence and beauty.


Worst in show: Cate Blanchett.  This look aged her, and detracted from her amazing beauty.  This satin blush number from Givenchy washes out her alabaster complexion, and the asymmetrical ‘do just isn’t working.


images via newyorktimes, usweekly

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