Tory Burch at Home

It’s no secret that we at Boottique hold Tory Burch in the highest regard. We are loving her two new-ish lines of tabletop, Lettuce Ware and Spongeware.

Lettuce ware and cabbage ware was originally designed by a Palm Beach potter in the 1960’s named Dodie Thayer.  Dodie used actual lettuce and cabbage leaves as molds for her potting.  Her preppy porcelain patterns were widely admired, and collected by 60’s society hostesses such as Jackie Onassis and the Dutchess of Windsor.


Tory Burch has become a collector in more recent years, and persuaded Dodie to collaborate.  The reprised Lettuce Ware was born.


The blue and white stoneware collection that is Spongeware is modern interpretation of 19th century English ceramics, which Tory also collects.


Both patterns prove to be timeless, and brilliantly reproduced.  They will give any table an elegant, classic feel – just like all things Tory.

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  1. I’ve seen some of the Tory Burch Home pieces at the boutique but never purchased any. I can’t seem to make it past the shoe section 🙂

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