Nail Trends: SNS

If you love the long lasting results you get from a salon gel manicure but hate the damage they can do to your nails, this new trend is for you.


Some of us at Boottique are hesitant to stray from our gel manicures.  A couple of us have even ventured into the DIY gel process, having purchased the UV light, polishes, and other accoutrement to get gel results at home.  Doing so saves a bundle of money and time spent at the salon.  But…gel manicures can be so hard on our nails, and the harsh chemicals and UV rays can be, frankly, worrisome.

Signature Nail Systems, or SNS, is a professional manicure process which dips the nail in powder.  It is nearly free of strong chemicals and odor.  There is no UV light to cure under, and removal is fairly easy and not damaging to the nail.  Similar to a gel manicure, there are many hues to choose from, you will leave the salon with completely dry, mirror finish nails, and the price is about the same.   And here’s the best news of all: typically, a SNS manicure lasts even longer than a gel manicure!  


If this information is music to your ears, find a SNS salon near you (there are not too many – yet!).  Give it a try and please let us know what you think.


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