Resolve to Resolute

New Year’s Resolutions can seem cliche and hokey.  And in some cases, they can seem impossible to stick to.  In fact, studies show that 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% stick with them and see them through to completion.  Eight percent.

Well, something’s broken here.  Perhaps we are setting the bar too high for ourselves.


Let’s be honest with ourselves and make goals that are realistic.  And can be achieved over the course of time.  Instant gratification, be gone.

The number one resolution for most Americans, of course, pertains to fitness and/or weight loss.  Instant gratification will not work here.  Whether you are Oprah or Gisele, weight loss does not come easy (well, maybe Gisele has a touch of a head start…but I digress).  We all need to know that successful weight loss and healthy overall fitness begins with HABIT.


Get in the HABIT of exercising most days of the week.  Schedule your workouts on a calendar, as you would any other appointment or commitment.  This should be no different.  Downloading a fitness app to your phone is a great idea to keep you on track. FitStar Personal Trainer, SWORKIT, and Fitnet are great ones to consider.


Get in the HABIT of making good food choices.  Grocery shop for the week and stock up on plenty of fruits, veggies and grains.  When eating at a restaurant, get in the HABIT of ordering a lean meat or salad.  And don’t eat the whole portion.


Old habits die hard.  But new habits are yours for the taking.  Get in the HABIT of making good choices…and slowly, your fitness goals will come to fruition over the course of 2016.


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