Vacation Dreaming….

The holidays are over.  Winter is not.  Many of us are blessed enough to take a springtime journey…what’s your favorite way to travel?

The vast majority of us may opt for a beach respite.  Relaxing on a lounge chair, gazing out at the ocean, while sipping a fruity concoction is considered by many the ultimate way to unwind and recharge.


However, others may choose to splurge on an overseas tour of cities far away, awash with history….

Europe-VacationEmbracing the winter in all of it’s glory is some people’s idea of a good time.

Aspen, Colorado, USA --- Aerial Tram Over Ski Slope --- Image by © Grafton Smith/Corbis
Exploring one of the great American cities can be a fun way to unwind, during any season.  Theater, restaurants, shopping, and culture can open our minds.

vacationsActive vacations are great.  Hiking, biking, horseback riding…the sky is the limit.


images via pinterest

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