The Perfect Smokey Eye

In the midst of all of the holiday gatherings, it is fun to coordinate your makeup with your outfit. Whether your dress is simple or sparkly, makeup can make any look more special. Specifically, the smokey eye. Many women are timid about a darker look; but for the holiday time, the added sparkle of eye shadow will leave you dazzling all evening. It isn’t hard to achieve – any smokey eye or eye shadow palette that compliments the color of your eye will do just the trick. It’s all in the brush you use and the layers of shadow you do.

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Make sure you bring the eye shadow in a fine line throughout your under eye. You don’t want to isolate the shadow to just your lid when doing the smokey eye!

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The trick is to keep the shadow on the lid of your eye. You don’t want to venture all the way to you brow. If anything, use a highlighter color to brighten up the look and add sparkle.

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One more thing to keep in mind, keep all other makeup light. You already have a bold eye. Lay off the bright blushes and lipsticks to keep the eye the focus. Opt for soft pinks and nudes. Don’t be surprised if you catch any winks!

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