To Do this Weekend: Up Your Wrapping Game

We aren’t talking about rapping. We are talking about wrapping gifts and presents for friends and family this holiday season.  Banish the boring wrap…there are so many amazing selections out there. Get those gifts wrapped up this weekend!

Let your gifts be the ones that shine the brightest under the tree. There are so many different kinds of wrapping paper with gift tags, bows, ribbon, and countless other accessories to dress up your boxes for a stand-out look! We want to show you a few ways to create simple, easy gift looks.

The unexpected gift. You don’t necessarily need to buy all of your gifting accessories from the wrapping holiday aisle at Target. Take this gift for an example! Head outside and trim a little pine twig for a wintery effect.

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The practical gift. You have million gifts to wrap and don’t want to buy a ton of paper? Easy! Use newspaper and buy a roll of twine!  Sheet music also looks elegant.

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The taped up gift. So yes, all gifts are taped. But maybe it’s time to skip the gift tags and ribbon and decorate your packages with some fun paper and tape to note who they are going to! The washi tape can be found in Target or local craft stores and they usually have fun seasonal ones.

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And…that’s a wrap!


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