DIY Holiday Floral Decor

Looking for a way to inexpensively, creatively add some fresh holiday floral decor to your home?

A quick trip to a home store will provide you with the materials and the inspiration to create a few fun items to place around your home.

Buying a few boughs of fresh evergreens will give you a lot of bang for your buck.  Paired with some artificial berry picks and other simple accoutrement, it can be fun to use your creativity to create something original, like this centerpiece:


Use other found items from around your house to create something like this:


Depending on where you live, you may also shop in your backyard for supplies.  Dogwood twigs, birch bark, dried hydrangea blooms, and pinecones make gorgeous natural accents to arrange in an outdoor planter:


Looking for a unique hostess gift?  Dress up a store-bought Amaryllis plant with fresh evergreen, cinnamon sticks, apples, and whatever else strikes your fancy:


images via pinterest



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