Scent of a Woman

If you are like many women, it is difficult to find a perfume that suits you.  Or, you may have found your signature scent, but you might not be in the mood for that particular aroma day in and day out.  It’s especially frustrating to invest in a costly perfume, only to realize a few months in that you are sick of the scent.


Good news: there are easy ways for you to create your own signature scent.

Online retailer Aromochology has clients take a “Fragrant Personality” quiz.  Based on the results of your quiz, you then are guided in choosing a base scent.  You will then build on that base by adding “top notes.”     Like a snowflake, no two will be alike.


A more noncommittal way to create your own scent is with The Blend.  Created by retailer Fred Segal and available at Sephora, this kit consists of several roller balls of essential oils in various scents, which can be combined in a myriad of ways.  “Recipes” are also included.


Move over, Coco Chanel!

photos courtesy of Aromochology, and Pinterest.

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