Must Have Winter Staples from Target




It’s happened to all of us: you head to Target to retrieve just a few necessary items, and somehow wind up spending a paycheck on a new wardrobe, office supplies, food, and electronics. You even reward yourself at the end of your binge with a Starbucks treat.

You’re not alone.

Target is ever-enticing for a reason: it has some really great stuff, especially in its super stylish and affordable clothing department.

So, this winter, make your binge at Target the most productive it can be, and look for these winter wardrobe staples:

  1. Sweaters.  From ponchos to cardigans, adorn yourself in the warmest threads you can get.

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2. Boots.  Winter boots can be pricey, especially when you realize that you’ve waited until December to purchase a pair. Fear not, Target can provide the warmth and style you’re searching for at a more reasonable price point.


3. Vests- Think of how warm you’ll feel in this faux-sherpa vest. Cozy or what?



4. Jackets- From bomber to leather to moto, get your warmth from these great jackets!


5. Outerwear- Brave any element with outerwear like this puffer.



The list could continue for miles, so I think I’ll stop here. Remember, binge shopping at Target can always be justified, especially when in the name of fashion.

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