101 Plaids

Plaid is not only a modern day fashion statement, but has a place in history as well.

Plaids (or Tartans, as they were historically called) originated in Britain but perhaps have deeper roots in Scotland.  Each Scottish “clan,” or family, associated itself by its family Tartan. Geographic regions, businesses, and other institutions also developed their own Tartan.  Some examples of the original Scottish Tartans:

Tartans sampler

Today, plaids are a part of our everyday vernacular.  We’ve reinvented them countless times over.



They show up in the most unexpected places…





Like most things in life, a little goes a long way.  Less is more!


Let’s test your tartan knowledge.  What is Kate wearing here?

images (1)

If you guessed Blackwatch, you are correct.


Extra Credit: What are the most commonly used tartans in modern day fashion and textiles?

Wait for it…

Black Watch and Royal Stewart.


Plaid is timeless, and will always be relevant in one form or another.

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