Eyelash Primer

It seems that when it comes to eyelashes, the latest trend is to go big or go home.  As most of us were not blessed with thick, luscious lashes, we must turn to artificial lash extensions to achieve this look.   When applied correctly, lash extensions can last up to a month.  Extensions add depth, darkness, and volume to your existing lashes.  Best of all, mascara is optional.



High end cosmetic companies are selling lash kits for those brave enough to DIY.


But, there’s so much to know if you are going to do it yourself.  L curls, J curls…length?  Thickness??  Is it worth the risk?  If applied correctly, lash extensions should not ruin your natural lashes.



Lash boutiques are popping up absolutely everywhere.  Some lash specialists even make house calls.  For the most luxe lash available, 100% real mink lashes are the way to go.


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