Try a Trench


If any one else is from the Northeast, you know how annoying these past few weeks of rainy gloom have been.

The one beam of light in these dark days has been the glow around the fashionistas and their trenches. They put my days of hoodies and frizz to shame.

Trench coats, other than being wildly stylish, give you the style and energy you need to get through your day. While most, admittedly, do not have hoods, this gives you all the more reason to do your hair and buy a cute umbrella to go with your coat.


These works of art also manage to keep your entire outfit dry! I cannot stress the excitement in this enough. When your outfit can keep dry, your outfit can be whatever stylish decision your heart makes that morning, and that is the type of freedom I yearn for daily.

Don’t let the rain dampen (unintentional pun, but I’ll roll with it) your outfit plans. Invest in a trench coat, and save your wardrobe and appearance.

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