Is Your Melon Cold?

This winter, don a stylish, warm look while simultaneously doing good by purchasing a beanie from Love Your Melon.  Love Your Melon is a small business founded in 2012 by two young gentlemen who were students at Minnesota’s University of St. Thomas.  Zach and Brian wanted a way to help children battling cancer, and make a living at the same time.  After a successful local push of their handmade beanies which included a “buy one, give one” incentive, Love Your Melon was born.

The business has expanded and is now nationwide.  College students on campuses all around the country work as “ambassadors,” managing the sales and donations of the beanies.  Beanies are always delivered in person to a sick child by a Love Your Melon ambassador…often dressed as a superhero!

Caps are available in three styles: a beanie, a cuffed beanie, and a traditional baseball cap. All are $30.  There are many colors to choose from, including NFL and college team colors.  All beanies are knit in Minnesota out of a very soft cotton (also locally sourced!) which is gentle and comfortable on the tender heads of young kids battling cancer.

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Support kids with cancer, support college students doing the right thing, support local businesses and support goods manufactured in the USA.  Visit today to get your love on!


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