To Do This Weekend: Host a Cheese and Wine Party

Gather your friends to your place this weekend for a casual wine and cheese party.  It doesn’t need to break the bank, or cause you much fuss in the kitchen. A nice, chilled bottle of Prosecco or a mellow Pinot Noir paired with the perfect cheese will provide a elegantly relaxed evening with friends.

Get fancy with some additional add-ons like grapes, nuts, honey, tarts, jellies or chocolate. Try some specialty crackers or different kinds of olives. Dried fruit also complements this kind of spread too with its mild sweetness.  A simple, natural spread provides a great backdrop to showcase your favorite wines.

Get creative with your decor – maybe this means a chalkboard cheese tray or a fun autumnal tablecloth.

Queue up the Pandora with some lively playlists, get out the corkscrew and cheese knives, and relax with your people.  Cheers!  Have a great weekend.