Simply Winter Clutches

The clutch is such an elegant way to dress up any winter outfit.  It also forces us to simplify what we are carrying around with us everyday.  With an oversized handbag, we can tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff.”  Receipts, protein bars, hair ties, sunglass cases…and of course, lip color.  How many lip glosses or lipsticks are currently in YOUR handbag?  If the answer is more than three, then you should consider switching to a clutch.

A neutral, camel clutch such as this can work with so many winter looks.


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This interesting black strapped clutch would also work well with an evening dress.



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A touch of faux fur adds some charm and warmth to a chilly day.


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This winter, dump those old receipts and gum wrappers and pack your essentials into your clutch.

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