Where do you find inspiration?

Most of us have at least ONE creative bone in our body. Even if you don’t think you are the creative type, chances are you find inspiration from another person’s creativity and talent. Creative inspiration can come from different artistic sources like art, design, books, music… the list goes on!

Some people think the fashion industry is a breeding ground for excess and narcissism and in a sense, it is. But if you think about it, designers are artists in their own right.  After their designs are carefully executed there is a fashion show to display their work and inspire others. Do you find inspiration from fashion?

People also find inspiration from different types of literature like magazines and books. For example, someone might be trying to decorate their home so they purchase a plethora of interior design magazines. They draw inspo from colors and styles and taste to pick out paint, curtains and a livable layout. Do you find inspiration from magazine and books?

What inspires you?