Camel is the New Black

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Do you ever tire of wearing your same old winter coat to bundle up to face the chill?  Let me guess: your standby winter coat is black.  Am I right?

Behold, a “new” color has arrived on the scene. It was popular last fall and winter, and still it hasn’t stepped offstage. Camel for winter. The warm chestnut, caramel color is a stark contrast from its black and winter white counterparts.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Like other overcoats, camel can be dressed up or dressed down. It lends a casual, classic flair. Pair with dark denim and a pair of high-top tennis shoes for a day of errands or lunch with friends.  Camel can offset a head to toe black outfit in a softer way than stark winter white. Choose a streamlined, tailored style for a chic, unique look.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

The next time you arrive to a friendsgiving get together or a luncheon with the ladies, you won’t have any trouble finding your coat when it’s time to leave – it won’t be black!

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