To Do This Weekend: Shop Local

With the holiday season growing near, it’s time to start thinking about holiday gift shopping.  What better way to do so than at a local holiday boutique?  These events have become a popular way for small businesses, artists, jewelry designers, and more to showcase their talents and their products.


Here in Minnesota, we have several upcoming “don’t miss” holiday boutiques.  Maiden Minnesota is one such event being held tonight in Minneapolis.  This is not your grandma’s craft fair! Upscale all the way, this event is held at a downtown Minneapolis hotel, and features female-owned businesses (hence “Maiden” Minnesota).  Most of the products are made in the USA, and a portion of the entry fee goes to support a local charity. Each ticket also includes a glass of wine!



We at Boottique definitely know the value of shopping small…shopping local…and the female-owned piece is familiar to us as well!

Maiden Minnesota


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