3 Things That Keep You From Launching Your Small Business

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So many women are passionate about starting their own creative small businesses. With social media and blogging, it seems that the opportunity to launch one is a mouse click away. But so many of us get lost in the business of life, and allow our own fears to hinder us from following our dreams. Most of us also know that if we tried, we might have to fake it until we make it, but trying would be worth the risk. Here’s three things that are stopping you (and how to get over them):

  1. Voice of Fear. “You’re not good enough.” “No one will want to buy that.” “What if…” We all have a different line that keeps us from going for it. We all have concerns and worries. We over-think and we over-analyze. And nine times out of ten we let fear win the argument in our own head. Maybe you need a little encouragement but no one’s there to push you in the right direction. Well, take this as your cue, YOU CAN DO IT. You can’t fail until you try, and you won’t know unless you try. Sometimes we need to silence the voice of fear and listen to the inner lioness roaring inside.
  2. Busyness. That one word sums it up! Have you ever heard the quote, “Dreams don’t work unless you do?” Listening to fear, putting things off, or filling up our schedule with other things will count as busyness that pulls us away from what could be the biggest success of our lives. Make the time. Pencil it in. Say no being lazy. Put the movie down and go pursue whatever is you’ve been wanting to start. Maximize the time you don’t think you have because you fill it in with other things.
  3. The Someday Syndrome. “Someday it’ll happen.” “Someday I’ll know how to do that. “Someday I’ll have all the equipment I need.” Sometimes we put these things off because we don’t think we have it all together or have the time to devote to our dream. We keep thinking “someday.” But that someday turns into wasted days and wasted years that could be used achieving your goals. Maybe you don’t have the funds or the time you would like to have to devote to it. Maybe it means making different sacrifices or pinching pennies to make it happen. Don’t avoid today and how it can be used for your future.

Start today, pretty lady! If it is your passion then embrace the side of pursuing your goals that says, “I love this and this is for me.” The world needs your unique stroke on its canvas!

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