Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gents)

Happy National Cat Day!   Well…we may have missed that day, but we still want to honor our feline friends belatedly.

Cat prints and graphics are a part of  fashion trend that spans all genres: from hipster-cute to pop-punk-chic.  This is not to be confused with the animal prints of leopard or cheetah – we are talking run of the mill standard house cats here!

Whether it’s a subtle kitten or two in a sweater, or a vibrant cat floating on a piece of bacon in space, cats have made their way into a lot of men and women’s homes…through their wardrobes.

Courtesy of Ali Express
Courtesy of Ali Express

If you are going for a more subtle hint of feline, I would suggest turning to the options that H&M, Forever 21, or Macy’s have in store.

00157531-01 (1)
Courtesy of Forever 21
Courtesy of H&M
Courtesy of H&M

If you are going for a purr-fectly daring approach of being everything a cat lady or man should embody, hit Zumiez, Ali Express, or to fill your needs.

Courtesy of Zumiez
Courtesy of Zumiez


Don’t be afraid to incorporate a catty attitude into your wardrobe year-round, and not just around Halloween. Enjoy the sass that comes from wearing the attitude of a cat.

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